Cubesat, Hardware DIY, Speed and bandwith

Ok first of all I would like to introduce.I am Milos from Serbia.And I am very happy that software developer of Outernet is too from Serbia.I have some questions:

1.I read somewhere on internet that Cubesat have its duration, and that is about 3 years.What we will do after 3 years?
2.Second about Hardware.If I get all components from thread “Price for Hardware”(and of course setup it).Will I be able to use Outernet.
3.Third.If I can.What is the speed.And how much I can download.If I cant.When I can, and what would be the speed and day bandwith of it.I buyed this:

It is 80cm Sky dish quad LNB & tripod + Satellite Finder portable.
One more thing that I need to buy is:DVB-S/S2 receiver.
I have already whole Rasp PI B model setup.What OS I should use.Can I stay at Rasbian?
4.Is it possible to implement some E-mail service?

Question that I feat at most is first:“1.I read somewhere on internet that Cubesat have its duration, and that is about 3 years.What we will do after 3 years?”
Please can you tell me is true?And do you have some solution for it?

Thanks in advance
Kind regards for all developers and volunteers from Serbia

)1. Not sure, really. :smile: I guess we’d just keep launching them. What we’ll also do, though, is we’ll have normal satellite broadcast, as well as short-wave radio in addition to cubes. So there will hopefully always be at least one method you can use even if we run out of cubes.
)2 & 3. I see you already have everything except the tuner. In Serbia it’s a bit hard to come by. Boss sent me the PCTV 461e. Another option is Genatech HDStar. The former only works with Arch ARM (last I checked) but the latter seems to be working with Raspbian. I have a HDStar here but never got around to trying it.
)4 No it’s not possible to do e-mail right now. We’re planning to implement one-way email where an Internet-connected person can send messages to Outernet user that doesn’t have Interent connection. The two partes would need to echange digital keys over Internet once before they use this, though. It’s meant for scenario where people don’t always have Internet, but definitely not for people who never have Internet.