CubeSAT Specification

Here CubeSat’s are using very small power and that’s why it becomes very difficult to make such type of global communication system.
Then. is it possible to get sufficient power & make satellite communication using CubeSAT for global internet service?

I don’t believe so… They are planning to pack way to much into such a small package.
Not to mention it would be cheaper in the long run to piggy back of commercial satellites and get a few into geosync orbit rather than a ton of little ones that could fail at any time.

Once people laughed ideas for mobile phones, and 20 years ago they were the size and weight of a brick, nevertheless now have cell phones weighing 20-30 grams or even less. Everything is possible. The main thing to believe in success and strive to achieve the goal. The main thing is not to give up started at the middle and be a liar and those who have not lived up to expectations.