Customizing Skylark System

Greetings all,
I am a newbie to Armbian/Debian Stretch system, but enthusiastic about learning. I really like the Dreamcatcher board, and concept, but would like to also take advantage of the SOB capabilities of the hardware. Ultimately, I want to keep the Outernet/Othernet radio system, and server setup working, but also use the board as a mini system as well. Currently trying to figure out how to get terminal commands entered. Is there a way to get to a terminal window on the Skylark version of the system? If so, how? I would like to put a good Terminal program in, and perhaps a browser like Chromium to start if possible. It would be great if programs could be installed, and icons put on the original desktop. Any advice you guys can give will be very much appreciated. -Jay

If the DC board is set to access via your router, then ssh into it.
ssh [email protected] local IP. Good luck.

Thanks, donde! Sometimes I just can’t see the obvious.