DC -log viewer system status

[fail] Process hostapd
[fail] Interface usb0 is up

               ***** SOME TESTS HAVE FAILED *****

NOTE: Some items need more time to pass. For example, servers may need time
before they start responding. Other items may need manual intervention before
they become operational. When in doubt, rerun the tests after a short delay.

Tests run: 16
Tests failed: 2

Storage usage:
/boot 17% 249.4M
/ 0% 16.0M
/mnt/conf 11% 125.9M
/mnt/downloads 3% 2.6G
/home/guest/downloads 3% 2.6G

21:42:59 up 15:26, load average: 0.67, 0.74, 0.78

why the errors ?

Hostapd is the access point, so if you are connected to a router that service won’t be running. I believe USB0 is the micro USB port, so unless you are connected to a pc, you will have no data connection. So the interface will be up but the connection will fail. I am not positive on that last one.

ahhhhh ha,
thank you… makes sense