Delivery plan of Outernet device

Please can you confirm plans for the original delivery of Outernet device?

I am an original backer and have not had any feedback on the status of the project for a long time.
I think it is necessary that the project owner gives at least an estimation concerning the delivery date.


I received an original Flat profile Aluminium (UK) / Aluminum (US) 3 layer L-band antenna with sma pigtail connection to L-band amplifier with sma connection to RTL-sdr with Bias-t enabled and USB connection to, C.H.I.P. sbc with USB cable connection to Li-ion power pack.

The C.H.I.P. sbc gave out after a short time where it’s LEDs would no longer indicate the correct boot sequence.

I then received a new large circuit board and a replacement C.H.I.P. sbc but with no further instructions! The unit has been left gathering dust ever since.

With the CoVid19 lockdown I have rediscovered this old project and this forum hence this message β€œH E L P !”

Can I still put this L-band receiver to work and how? Any help will be gratefully received.

Thank you!

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The project has moved away from the experimental L-band INMARSAT service you have the hardware for to Ku service from SES-2 and Astra 3B using a custom receiver from Othernet.
You can still receive and decode some other non-encrypted INMARSAT signals and other stuff coming down on L-band with a circular polarization that can be received using the RTL-SDR receiver you have. The CHIP is a pretty general purpose Linux or embedded OS ARM stick computer. What you have is very flexible but sadly deprecated for the final production Otherntet service signal.