Deploying othernet


Got a clamp from amazon and got lucky. The install angle is perfect for here. No bending or modifications needed.


Trying to figure out the UFO that is soaring over your neighborhood.othernet%20hagen%202


That looks like a swallow. They’re very fast flyers. And they eat tons of mosquitoes and other flying insects.



Sorry, no African swallows in this pic. Printed a 3D case and did the top with the wood filled PLA. Sanded and stained. The screen is on but the outdoor light was too bright.


Hay that’s my case design isn’t it? Looks nice in the wood filament, does it fit or is there a need for changes?



Yep that’s yours. The fit is good although there should be a cut out for the SD card. it kinds of throws everything off a mm or so. No biggee. Good case.


Thanks for the feedback. I’m verry happy that someone uses my Case and that it fits.

Could you send me an image how the SD Card sitz in the DC with the case on?
Also: what version of the DC do you have?




Thansk for the info. Just looked into the new 3.03 mounting and the only holes that changed are on the Display.
All “big” mounting holes of the main PCB are alright on the printed case right?

Also the SD Card issue seems to be DC version releated. Will fix that in the next case version.

Would be great if you could send me some more images of the DC sitting in the case.


UPDATE: Already fixed the SDcard issue caused by the SDcard Slot and 3.5mm jack move on the PCB. Any other fixes needed?


Wow. That was quick. I looked this over real good and these are the only other things I can come up with.

Thanks for making the great case. I have 3 - 3D printers and I love it but I can’t CAD or design anything.


Updated the 3D printable Case now for the 3.03 Version of the Dreamcatcher :slight_smile:


Dear Tysonpower,
Thank You Very Much for this! I used an online 3d printing service to print this up for me. Cost was $42, but well worth it to have the protection for the board. I don’t have it in hand yet, but will post an update when I get the case. I ordered the top in clear, and the bottom in black. It is wonderful that you are a generous enough person to share your work! Truly Appreciated. - Jay


Thanks :slight_smile:

Very glad that i’m able to help people with my work.



Just printed the bottom. It’s perfect for 3.03. Thanks.


Awesome! Image would be nice when assembled and screwed together :slight_smile:


Here’s a pic of the board in the new bottom stl file. Perfect fit. Have to run up to the store to get screws the right length, probably won’t get to that for a day or two.


Looks nice! Would be great if you could post an image after you got the right screws und the case together.



I’ve been happy with my case. Been using it since I got my DC. Thanks Tysonpower !


Nice! Would be nice i you would add your case as a make on thingiverse :slight_smile:

@hagensieker a make from you would also be great!


Just did. Thanks again!