Deutsche Welle News stories not loading in Librarian

They do load directly from FTP with a browser, but missing images.

We’ll have a new release next week, which should address this.

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Are these DW news stories contained in the News Section as VOA and UN RSS feeds are? Ken

Most are loading now. There were just a few from yesterday that just came up blank in Librarian, but could be loaded in a browser.

feeds don’t include images, to save on bandwidth.

If you do see an image while viewing a feed article, its because you are using the receiver in Wifi Client mode and your browser loaded the embedded image in the html directly from the feed source location :smile:

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I see all the new feeds in the news section. I’m viewing Mark’s Skylark signal of hos port forwarded site.

some articles are showing as zero bytes in Skylark.
The news is looking really good as a feed… It would be nice if there was an easy way to browse the headers. : )

I like the varied sources , great work!

@k5ted Can you create the text versions of the schedules? We can then make a directory for them.

How should I chop them up? They are over 400kb. I might try to do sort of 4 to 6 hour schedules. That amount of text will be around 10kb each hopefully.

What is the file format that they are using?

it is one big .txt file. I broke it down into hourly schedules, but they are still around 12kb each. Zipped them and they are 5kb each, but the uploader won’t allow them.

Here’s the source:

Here’s the hourly skeds: