Developing ORxFace - Integrating a LCD screen to ORxPi is Successful

First test is successful by adding following packages to buildroot.

  1. python-pycparser
  2. python-cffi (need to update the existing package)
  3. python-smbus-cffi
  4. python-rpi-gpio

Note: tested with Pi -1

Now I can use RPi.GPIO 0.6.1 library to control Raspberry Pi GPIO channels.

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Test 2: Display Signal Lock status:
Tested with ORxPi 2.6 /Pi2


from Adafruit_CharLCD import Adafruit_CharLCD
from subprocess import *
from time import sleep, strftime
from datetime import datetime

lcd = Adafruit_CharLCD()

cmd = "echo -ne '<get uri=\"/status\"/>\\0' | nc local:/var/run/ondd.ctrl | grep -o '<lock>.*</lock>'"

lcd.begin(16, 1)

def run_cmd(cmd):
    p = Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=PIPE)
    output = p.communicate()[0]
    return output

while 1:
    ipaddr = run_cmd(cmd)
    lcd.message('%s' % (ipaddr))

sudo ./



Sorry for the image quality. The back-light of the LCD is not working (defective).

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A few notes:

  1. We provide a library for communicating with ondd. It’s completely undocumented so you would have to get some Python lessons and read the code
  2. Here is the template logic for calculating the status
  3. Here is the Python code that retrieves the data required for the template logic

Thanks for sharing.