Differences in the Raspberry PI image and newer software for Dreamcatcher


I just put together a Raspberry Pi receiver and it has been up for 24 hours and appears to be performing very well. Since this is my first time using the hardware/ software, I was wondering what are the differences between the older image and the newer dreamcatcher? Information seems to be very scarce at this point and this has been around for a few years now. Thanks you.

The Dreamcatcher image for the Dreamcatcher Hardware uses the new skylark interface.
Skylark is also the recent supported software for outernet.

The Dreamcatcher is a SDR and SBC all in one board and is also optimized for receiving Outernet signals.


That’s like saying what is the difference between an orange and and apple by saying an orange is orange. What are the major differences in software? Has librarian been optimized and has more features. What am I missing by using the Raspberry pi image?

Skylark is optimized for Outernet and librarian is not longer supported. So no bugs will be fixed and new features will not be implemented.
Outernet will shift to a new type of Signal as far as i know, so it could be that librarian will not work anymore after that.

You can also navigate better trough the data (like News etc.) in Skylark because the interface is way better.

I would just use the Rpi image as long as it works :slight_smile:


main difference that however Librarian (used on old RPi 3 image) has nice GUI, it became slow-ish after about a month use. Skylark is more optimized and tailored to the resources of the A13 CPU on CHIP and Dreamcatcher, in nutshells.


Hmmm, I wonder if the CHIP board is still available from somewhere? I would love to give it a go. I thought about purchasing the dreamcatcher, but it’s a be much right now. Kind of in between jobs. If you know of any links, I’d appreciate it!

We made Dreamcather because we faced the same fact: CHIP is no more on the market…