Directional 1.5GHz Antenna

Hi All.
I’ve been on the lookout for a directional antenna operating @1.5GHz for both so I can get some more power for Outernet purposes and also for receiving other Inmarsat signals etc. I came across these Grid Antenna’s that RFS World sell as below, however after contacting them I was told they don’t make them anymore. I’m just wondering what other people have used for directional inmarsat antennas. I’m thinking of building one myself with the outernet patch and a standard parabolic reflector, but I’m hoping I can find a nicer complete antenna on the market.
1.35 - 1.85 GHz
Antenna Input – N Female


Take a look at this for some inspiration.

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You must remember that a reflection reverses the polarity of the signal. This will likely foil your using the patch as a feed.


What does everyone thing of this antenna?

The only thing that I would change is the antenna : “* Vertical or horizontal polarization mounting”

It should be Left Handed circular as it is a reflection from the satellite.

Have fun!
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That antenna will of course work, but it is linearly polarized so it wastes 3dB. Not a problem because it has high gain.

That antenna weighs 15 lbs. and costs $730


It can be bought online for $118.50 USD

Ok… It still weighs 15 lbs. and is almost 4 ft. diameter. Is that $118 for one single unit? What about shipping?

So, let’s say you spend $150 on this antenna, which for Outernet essentially will accomplish the same thing as a small patch antenna with LNA, but has to be mounted outside, and requires a fairly substantial mount. It also does have enough gain to work indoors, I would imagine. Maybe make a nice conversation piece in the living room.

LNA & patch antenna = $45 Can sit on the windowsill and work.

Parabolic grid antenna = $118 plus shipping. Can be mounted on a roof or eave mount, or pole.

If you want to simplify the receive chain by getting rid of the LNA, and still have plenty of leftover gain to drive a considerable coax length into the house, this antenna would be the thing to use. Would be interesting to see how a 22dBi gain antenna with no filter would perform for general Inmarsat use.

I would classify this antenna as more of a general L-band hobby antenna rather than specifically for Outernet use.

Why don’t you buy one and try it? :slight_smile:

Found a nice DIY L-Band Helical Antenna 12 Turns (RCHP).