Dish size for Hotbird 13E

Hi, I’m currently setting up my installation, and have been offered a 60cm dish. Your DIY instructions say minimum 80cm.
Looking at the hotbird 6 footprint I should be getting 53dBW EIRP at my location and from the table at the link below, I should be OK.

Can someone confirm this is the correct footprint for Outernet transponder, and that my assumption is also correct?


Hi JohnSpace,
I made some months ago a comparison between two parabola dish with different sizes.
I had a chance to use a so called mobile satellite tv receiver dish. It is small, lightweight, with 38 cm diameter, proposed for "camping use’.
I can summarize this small expeiment wihth the conclusion, it is usefull for receive broadcast tv stream, but not enough for receiving outernet files.
Mybe the explanation is simple: if you receive the tv data stream, it is not a problem, if some data packets lost. You can enjoy the tv program, if it has some “lost-pixels” on it.
But if you receive a file, witouth any feedback in the data stream, and if you lost one data packet, you havenot any complette file as a result.
The last consequences is, if you have option to choose larger dish to receive outernet data stream, you can do that.
I regularly use a 90 cm dia parabola, at the position 47.48 and 19.01 (Budapest)
From this position the Hotbird 13E visible on 35 grad elevation.

Here ara some picture about this dishes:


Thanks for the feedback. I will connect up the 60cm and see how it goes!


Tjanos, i assume you were able to get lock with the 38cm dish, just not receive files?

If I remember right, you are running ORxPi. Which version?

Just to close this thread out for anyone who finds it, I was able to Rx fine with 60cm dish from South UK on Hotbird 13E. The EIRP figures and dish sizes in the link above are valid IMHO.