DIY Antenna Reflectors and Horns

Hi Syed,

Can I get a refund on my Lantern backing?

Left a comment on indiegogo, contacted you on indiegogo, emailed the othernet website…no reply yet…

If you check any one of them you should be able to tell which backer i am and how much to refund me.

I just found something interesting

The Beach Behemoth Giant 12Ft Inflatable Ball

  • Brand:VEVOR
  • Material: 0.2mm PVC
  • Net Weight: 3kg/6.6lb
  • Gigantic:Measuring 12 feet from pole to pole
  • Diameter: 8Ft/240cm
  • US$80 free delivery on an auction site
    Cut open and coat the natural inner 2m dish with a high aluminum paint and then with a dark color. It might be necessary to tape and inflate fully for the next step of using PVC tube cemented to patches with glue(acetone/dissolved PVC scrap) to suspend and keep the LNB aimed. Alternatively patch in a flexible reflective layer at the equator and use differential pressure to curve it into a 2.5m dish with easier external LNB placement like the GATR dish-ball(watch the video attached). This might be patented(almost certainly is) so it will remain one of those DIY only solutions. The user can also paint the outside if they wish to reduce the loudness of the ‘ball’ in their yard. I would love to see some of our northern users in Canada and Alaska outside the official footprint try this out!

VS $$$

It makes me wish there was an amateur geostat to use this with, you need all the antenna gain you can get when fighting the inverse-square law, operating on a QRP TX budget, and minimum range is 35,786km.

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I believe you were refunded a few days ago.

This has proven to be pretty reliable and does not require a tie-down under most weather conditions.


With my recent setup (LNB as supplied by Othernet), here in Germany, I do receive the Astra signal with a reasonable strength and SNR and 100 % vaild packets. I do know that there is no need to further imporve the SNR, but I like to experiment and have tried a mini-dish (40 cm), hoping to improve the signal. To my surprise the reverse is the case. With the LNB-only my SNR is -8,75 dB, with the mini-dish I get no signal at all, although the dish is directed (more or less) properly towards ASTRA.
Where is my mistake?

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Interesting, remember to calculate the offset when aiming the dish as what appears to be a straight on aim is actually something like 23° miss above the location of the satallite.
It looks like you have already calculated for the offset but for those reading the thread who forgot to include offset into the aim.


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Without using your exact location. This may be wrong, but using a location of Germany tells me you need an elevation of 30.8 degrees. It looks like you are too high. Your pointing the focal point of your dish not the lnb/arm.Try pointing the dish closer to the horizon. Dont trust the elevation markings on your dish either. The 2 dishes that I have are over 20 degrees off.

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I have several of those small dishes (they are really handy). When I point, I just do slow elevation sweeps while watching the packet LED.

most of the small dish reflectors are “offset” as @biketool noted. This makes finding the focal point (or the distance to put the receive antenna) very difficult.

I like the othernet solution… Not using any reflector… lot’s of people said it could not be done.

Hi Zebra, I tried it the other way round: I first connected a standard sat-receiver until I received on 23E Astra TV Programs (Lyngsat-List) for azimuth alignment I used the direction delivered from After good reception I connected the LNB to the Othernet-Equipment. SNR was about +8 dB as I remember. But now I am receiving with the bare LNB and get -7 to 8 dB with no packet loss.



I built an antenna mount from an old monitor stand, a hard disk mount of an old PC, a pipe clamp, an M8 screw and M8 nuts, double-sided tape and cable ties. I didn’t align the antenna very precisely either, as it is only provisionally positioned here. In the spring, I’ll set everything up at my weekend cottage. There I have no internet connection. Despite many WLANs the reception is good. SNR is about -9dB.

Robert from Berlin (Germany)


Syed, would you be so kind as to direct me to where I might find a tripod like this? Thank you!

Ha! That’s a purely DIY product. Maybe @Robert can provide details on where the parts were salvaged from.

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I think the tripod is a cheap Asian mail order camera thing, I forget where the U-clamp came from, 3D print?