DIY KIT Version 2?

I notice on the Outernet shop site that the DIY kit is no longer using the original LNA/SAW filter nor the original E4000 dongle.

Instead I see the RTL-SDR dongle and a new filter.

What is the benefit / reason for the change.

Will the new system be as reliable as the old e4000 and LNA.

We ran out of the original amplifier in Chicago, though there is still inventory at Amazon. The kits are put together a little differently, since they require the latest firmware version to be installed on the CHIP.

The RTL-SDR dongle is a very solid radio. We are intimately familiar with this product. It performs just as well as the E4000 at our frequency. Our E4000 dongles are running out of stock, so we are augmenting our inventory with the RTL-SDR dongles until our next production run.

The new kits will definitely be as reliable. Or your money back!

I have five of these that I have used for various SDR projects, and for the price, they cannot be beat.
One of my projects is outernet, and I get an SNR of 5-7 using an RTL-SDR and the LNA and patch antenna from Amazon.

The only reason I have quit using them for my ADS-B sites is the availability of the FA dongle, which has a built in LNA setup for ADS-B frequencies.

Is the RTL-SDR power sent to the L-Band switchable. I thought I read that the E4000 dongle power
to the L-Band amplifier was hardwired on.


The RTL-SDR is software switchable. If you’re running anything Outernet-related, the bias tee gets enabled through our software. Our E4000 dongle has the bias tee permanently enabled.