DIY Kit, works out of the box

Fortunately I read most of these threads first. So when I saw behavior I did not understand at first, I was then ok. My BIG note: If I align the antenna correctly with the azimuth, I get enough of a signal to then adjust my elevation. I used an android satellite finder. It was right on the money. I am going to hold off on the new release until I get more familiar with how it is supposed to work. Way to go Outernet team!

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The new release is really very nice and has many bugs fixed. You should give it a try :slight_smile:

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@Abhishek What do you think about a new tag line: Outernet: Works right out of the box!


I have to admit that I downloaded everything to flash the CHIP last night.

Also, the tag line looks good, Syed.

OK. I flashed the new firmware. Looking good!

Well, I was ok on the first flash. Changed the network settings to join my wireless network, did not work. So, I reflashed the chip. OK, except now I can’t lock onto a signal. Have tried inside and outside, no go. Any ideas would be appreciated.


To be on the safe side, I reflashed. It’s too cold to go outside now. Otherwise, Skylark is coming up, it likes being an AP, so I am leaving that alone for now. Hopefully I will have better luck with the patch antenna pointing tomorrow.


which satelitte are you on @homepark ??
I have just found that I can only JUST see 25E from the UK. It just suddenly went away! … Maybe there is a problem with the bird and NOT our equipment

I was on the one for the Americas (98). I was wondering about the feed going to the birds, because over the last few days, I could just set my azimuth, and get enough of a signal to adjust the elevation. Not since this a.m.

I am definatley seeing a MUCH weaker signal from the satellite (on different transponders too) so I don’t think it is related to the uplink - Mine is different bird anyway LOL!
Bed time for me now :slight_smile:

OK. Today I took everything apart, put it in my temp enclosure (a clear plastic box) and am getting 8-9 snr. Yay

My 2+ amp USB charger came in, so I am on mains power, in the “custom” enclosure. I will be up 24/7 from now on. Yay!

I wish I could say similar things. A few files were downloaded the day I assembled DIY kit. I have not been able to lock on and living with hope that I might be able to in the clean sky in my hometown in the mountains.


All I can offer is that I have found the azimuth heading (direction) to be critical. A compass of some sort really is needed. Being off more than a degree or two can make the difference. It is very cold here today, 12F, and I have the whole setup in a clear plastic box. I align the edge of the antenna with the compass reading. One day, I could never seem to get a signal. The next, I started all over again and have a signal that ranges from 8db to 11db. Don’t give up. Persistence is a virtue.

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Hmmm It seems that there is a LOT of variance of the signal… I have not touched mine since I put it all back in a box outside this morning, and it was 2-3 SNR then… I have seen it up as high as 7 at times today … right now it is pushing 8!!

I put it back at is “default” configuration outside because it went form 9 to to 1 from my outside antenna…
The noise floor seems to come & go … :frowning:

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