Diy kit


Ive been watching this project for the past few years now. It seems however that models are out of date, problems with stock etc. Would it then be possible to get a parts list directly from the ceo so that people wanting to get started can do so with the relevant materials, and or source code? Im looking specifically to use a raspberry pi 4 or pi zero w

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The firmware doesn’t support the Pi, though that may change once we are back in production. Your best bet to build a receiver might be with an RTL-SDR. You’ll just need a bias-tee to power the LNB.

But if you just want to get going as soon as possible, I can sell an old test unit for $20. This is the 3.0x version.

The problem with the parts for the new Dreamcatcher is that they just aren’t available.

Specifically, I’m waiting on the mass production of the Semtech LR1120, which is an updated version of the LR1110. The LR1110 allows us to eliminate the Qorvo RFFC5072, which is a very expensive part.

I would be very interested, however would the older unit maintain the ability to stay up to date and useable in the future? I am looking to incorporate the weather applications with a deep learning forcasting model hooked up to a server analyzing data, and it would be a pain in the ass so to speak to recalibrate any discrepancy.

Are you sure you want/need Othernet’s weather feed for that? Will the eventual application be running in an offline environment?

Thats the plan, totally offline yea.

Essentially ill be collecting enough of relevant data using a few different sources for a single application to analyze all aspects of global related weather and or its affects. Climate change, oceanography, air quality etc etc. It will be open source, once servers get onlined. So in this aspect the data can be analyzed offline, then uploaded for all to use.

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