DIY LNB Holder

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The first tripod with the conduit hanger is by far the easiest to use and most stable. The tripod is $6 on Amazon and the hanger is about $1 at any hardware store.

We designed a simple LNB holder that can be used by itself or attached to anything with a 1/4-20 camera mount screw. When used by itself, twisting the holder around the LNB allows for increases in elevation. It works well enough by itself and with a camera mount, but the conduit holder is far better. The 2D part is good in a pinch when a camera mount is not around.

Here are the files for the 2D holder.
40MM-ANTENNA MOUNT_10-31-19.DXF (1.9 MB)
40MM-ANTENNA MOUNT_10-31-19.STL (245.8 KB)
40MM-ANTENNA MOUNT_10-31-19.STEP (51.1 KB)

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Here is a link to the recommended tripod in the first picture. And this is the conduit hanger.

It would also be possible to use the simpler type of clamps or metal hanger straps.

You will also need a 1/4-20 nut to attach the hanger to the tripod.

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I like both designs, although I wonder how they stack up with a coax attached? Of course, if we get the 12" small coax with the new unit, perhaps that won’t create as much leverage to have to adjust against.

The conduit hanger/clamp looks large in these pictures, however, it probably is an LNB that is smaller than 40mm in diameter? Your specs are the same one I am using- 1-1/4 inch.

I’m using a 1-1/2 inch hanger. I couldn’t find the smaller one at Menards.

The first tripod is far more stable with coax connected.

One benefit of the conduit hanger is that it makes attaching a cone easy, using tabs pushed through the gap between the LNB and the screws…

I am using a clamp like this:
inner diameter is 40mm. They come with a 8mm thread like on the picture or with an attached bolt to fix it into wood or a dowel. Price is below 1€.


all look great, now just need either sand bags or screw holes to hold them in place .

Check out this box. Nice for under $10.00


I like that clamp, Wolfgang. Wish it was available here. Jerry

Well, for all people with a 3D printer: 3D printable LNB Holder / Mount

Jerry, they should be available in US. If you search for “40 mm pipe clamp M8” , the make is “WYKA”. To attach it into wood, etc. you should add a “M8 Double End Threaded Self Tapping Screw Bolt Stud (M8x80mm”. Saw both at A****zon.
Hope that helps,

Thanks, Wolfgang. If the A**** has it, I can get it. I don’t have an immediate need, but can forsee great things with this clamp! Jerry

I found that these can still be had, and believe me, they hold the LNB firmly. Made of strong plastic. A bit pricy, and you can get them for around $5 or $6 (US) a pair at True Value or online. Be sure if you get these that you are buying the one made for the “D” cell flashlight, the part number contains D026.


You have to drill through the base to get a centered hole, and saw off the top of the little “T” shape to make room for your nylon screw, but they work as nicely as a conduit clamp, are lighter in weight.


all look great, now just need either sand bags or screw holes to hold them in place ."

Jim, I understand the objection to having to use sandbags, however, do you have a proposal that can eliminate using screws and screw holes that will provide a stable mounting at or on the enclosure?

@Syed I had purchased the tripod and conduit hanger from your first example for my portable kit, but I will be using this universal LNB holder instead of the hanger. They are relatively inexpensive and works for either 30 or 40mm LNBF and can easily be attached to the tripod in your first example. I just picked up a 10-pack for $20/shipped from the same vendor. I am sure if you wanted a larger quantity, you could even get a better per-unit price.

// 2-Pack w/ free shipping

// 10-Pack w/ free shipping

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You can search LNB on not terribly satisfying results beyond what you cna buy in a shop though IMHO.
If anyone needs something specific I can write up something with good remarks and variables for height etc open source in openscad so it is easily hackable by the end user using free-libre tools before sending out to print or making at home/hackerspace.
FDM is not as strong as injection molding but if there was an order the .stl model can be used by an injection mold place to $$make$$ or you do a negative mold and know of someone with a injection molding setup…

Here is another option made from the clamps in my picture above, I built the small inclinometer from a tiny bullseye level and epoxied it to the edge of the clamp.

OK, how about this? I used Unistrut clamps to grab onto the vertical I-beam that holds up the back wall of my apartment between the garages. By total dumb luck the SES satellite is exactly pointing at the back of my apartment. I can bring the coax in through a disused tumble dryer flap.

The other antenna is the GPS antenna for my NTP server.

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Been meaning to post a picture of my setup, I just picked up a new tripod this week to put the LNB on. I’m using the metal bracket listed above with a small tripod I got from Amazon, secured with a 1/4"-20 nut. I lost the battle with leaving the LNB outside so had to put it on a table in the attic, which means I need to get signal through the wall. I find that moving 1-2 inches in any direction can make a HUGE difference in signal reception so keep that in mind if trying indoors.

I still am using the Wifi interface and has been up for ~10 days with no issues other than me messing it up by moving it on the table and not getting reception for a while.