Does /DIRECT/getTunerStatus still work on 5.5?

Hi, new Othernet user in central VA. I’ve easily acquired a decent-enough signal, but interested in experimenting with the various horn creations I’ve seen. Would like to log performance for perhaps hours or days at a time to determine best setup. I found a reference to the entry-point <ip address>/DIRECT/getTunerStatus which seemed perfectly useful, but I saw it referenced around v4.x of Skylark, and not since. Did the API become deprecated or move to another entry-point?

edit: I should note that when I try this, I get a 404 error. I have v3.03 hw, v5.5 sw, with it setup to access my home WiFi as a client vs providing an AP.


@Abhishek is the best person to answer this question.

it does not, but after inspecting the requests that the web ui makes with chrome’s dev tools, you can call the new API like this

curl -L -c /tmp/cookies -b /tmp/cookies -XPOST -d'{"application": "ApplicationTuner", "path": "skylark/Tuner", "method": "getOnddStatus2", "arguments": null}' "http://${IP}/API/application"

No authentication required. I’m currently working on a little python module that does much of what the web UI does, by making the same API calls.

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Thanks @sv_sigint. My reverse-engineering efforts weren’t down the right path, and I didn’t get anywhere. Thanks again for that info


For anyone else watching… I put this in a script and it works well:

#script start
x=(curl -s -L -c /tmp/cookies -b /tmp/cookies -XPOST -d'{"application": "ApplicationTuner", "path": "skylark/Tuner", "method": "getOnddStatus2", "arguments": null}' "http://{IP}/API/application" | grep snr|awk ‘{print $2}’ | sed s/,// )

echo $(date +%Y%m%d,%H:%M:%S),$x
#script end

This gives you a comma separated output with Date,Time,SNR. An example output from my setup right now is:

assume you name the script ‘getsnr’, then you can use a command-line like this
$> while true; do ./getsnr; sleep 1; done

and have a simple continuous feed of SNR for tuning, logging, etc.


Check out the watch commmand.