Does Outernet support two-way connection?

Hi, all:

First, Outernet is so cool project!

I read the pages of OuterNET website, after that, some questions as following.

  1. I know Outernet like satellites broadcast, we can use general device receive, just like satellites TV, but can we uplink some data? I mean whether I can use Internet via OuterNET? Or just receive data like TV;

  2. I know that for many people can simultaneously broadcasting technology to provide services, but when the request from my side via OuterNET to the free Internet world, who will pay charges?

Anyway, I like OuterNET and will continue to focus on this project.

Thank project very much.

No, it’s currently a broadcast-only service.

You can’t make requests via Outernet. If we ever have a two-way communication, we’ll certainly try to keep it free of charge to all users, though.

Copy that, Thanks very much again.