Does the chip support questons

i have a few questions first off does the chip outernet support usb ethernet adapters? and also when you try to have the chip device with the outernet OS join your wifi network am i reading it right that the chip and outernet OS does not support wpa2?

No. It does have a “RNDIS” ethernet-over-usb software device - if you connect the microusb to a computer the computer will “see” it as a ethernet device. Works on linux, but requires fiddling with drivers on Windows.

WPA2 is supported. The UI allows you to configure your ssid and password.

thank you i got the wifi working but also how do you opt in to the status network to phone home back to you about the network status since im in NY also ive seen the outernet libiarian download weather data but the weather map or tab has not shown up is there a reason behind this?

if you switched to wifi client mode, your status reports will automatically be going out.

Weather: wait about a day (leave the receiver up) for the weather app to download.

thank you again Abhishek