Don't see globe click WX

Using rxOS 3.1. If I click on Weather folder, should I see a world globe?
I don’t. Re-install 3.1? Seeing Outernet dashboard under Windows 10, Edge

The globe only appears after some whether informations are downloaded.
So leave the receiver for couple of hours downloaded, then later after some whether information are received, you will get the globe on whether tab.
I thing whether infos are transimited twice a day i think…wel not sure!:relaxed:

Maybe I didn’t get globe because a weather file never completed. I’ll check again. Thanks

yes, Weather.tbz2 must complete for the globe to show up.

Thanks! Learn as you go I guess.

I’ve seen Weather.tbz2 in the download stuck at 99% a couple of times over the past three days. Every time, it sticks there for hours and eventually the system becomes unresponsive. A reboot brings it back to normal but that file disappears.

What’s the fix?

Got Globe! nice.