Don't try and use Window blocks all RF

Yeah…could have thought of that…

Added some UV / Sun Blocking Tint Foil to my Window recently and now i don’t get any Signal at all from Indoors.
Opened the Window and got a Lock in Seconds, so i have to say that pointing the LNB ruffly right will work just fine. Next Step: Move the LNB Outdoors of course :slight_smile:

Great Signal as well for LNB only:

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Found a Window passing cable :slight_smile:
A bit of Tape and a piece of wood later and all is abck up and running :sunglasses:

I have used these coax passthrough for under a door and in a car also with no noticeable loss

Just for the paranoid or if you just need to test a RF communicating gadget offline. A aluminum flashed Mylar bag common for snack chips/crisps works great for this as does metallic(gold/silver) window tint and space blankets. There was a story of a truck driver(UK?) going to prohibited activities several times a week outside of his delivery areas but there was no GNSS tracks of his travels. He was sticking a Dorito bag over the GPS antenna or phone that was supposed to track him during his diversion times.
(edit) do not tx, the reflected signal will go a long way to frying your finals.

I think you could use a wet piece of string for the 30cm from the LNB to the Dreamcatcher :stuck_out_tongue:

The LNB pumps out so much power due to the high amplification that you will not see any loss even when you use many meters of coax as usual. The Dreamcatcher is in principal nothing else as a TV Receiver, it should handle more loss even because the small bandwidth the Signal uses.

I’m happy that i bought a bag of random SMA Cables a while back on Ebay, i was wondering if i would ever have a use for the Window passtrough, now i have one :slight_smile:

I used to receive worldspace with the antenna behind a window with clear IR film of course it was a much lower frequency

If it was clear it was probably transparent to radio/microwaves, the stuff that is RF opaque is mostly something with a metallic flash. For example you can look up a picture of a US Navy EA-6B Prowler, it has gold flashed onto the cockpit glass to reduce the RF the pilot and EWO have to absorb, it probably also prevents interference with electronics in the cockpit as these planes had seriously powerful jamming and spoofing transmitters onboard.