Downconverter availability

I heard there is a downconverter in the pipeline,
when will this be available?
Kind regards
Old Snake.

There was one, but we can’t make the numbers work for a reasonable retail price. Instead, we’re working on a radio that can tune to L-band without the need for a downconverter.

But! We do have about a dozen downconverters in stock. They are proto-designs, but tested and operational. Feel free to make an offer.

Syed Karim,

Thank you for the fast reply.

Wat about actual cost+ 50 %, that won`t hurt ,I think:relaxed:
That wil linclude a copy of documntation.

Kind regards
Edward van Ulft

So that everyone has the information, we can offer the downconverters for $75 each. However, these are protoboards, so unfortunately, there is no documentation to speak. Only a very simple set of information, such as the LO and target gain.

Hi Syed,

What’s the rough spec of these units?


RF Frequency: 1525 - 1559 MHz
IF Frequency: ~190 - 224 MHz
Input p1dB (dBm): -30.5
Small Signal Gain (dB): 36.3
Gain Flatness (dB): +/-0.40
Noise Figure (dB): 2.65 - 3.05 min/max
RF Return Loss (dB): 12.0 worst case
IF Return Loss (dB): 17.5 worst case
IF Spurious Outputs (dBc): -64.9 | Pin = -40dBm; in-band spurious
Clock Spurious at IF (dBm): -78.9
Input IP3 (dBm): -38.5 | SCL @ -60dBm; 1 MHz spacing
DC Quiescent Current (mA): 100 5vdc +/-0.25; Typical = 103 mA
Bias-T enabled

Header Pins

  1. Don’t Connect
  2. Don’t Connect
  3. DC Ground
  4. Don’t Connect
  5. Don’t Connect
  6. DC Supply

sorry for the bump but , did you happen to sell all your prototype downconverter boards ?

We have a few left, but we can’t offer any type of warranty on them because they were made as prototypes.