Dreamcagtcher and dump1090 error

git clone https://github.com/MalcolmRobb/dump1090

Can’t seem to get the dump1090. Consistently get “could not resolve host: github.com”. About one time in 20 will start to load and goes about 25 items and stalls. I see a lot about this on github but could not find any resolve. i do seem to have a problem with the Dreamcatcher to PC connection dropping out and dumping Putty sometimes. Any ideas?

Did find 4.7 V @ around 500-600ma on the usb line from my el- cheapo notebook to the . That doesn’t help the usb comms.

Did an update to the dreamcatcher o/s and the dump1090 issue disappeared!!

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its works fantastic on my board, try out the offical howto:

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I have 5 running around the city, it’s by far the best hardware for it… hands down…

They are all connected to a single virtual radar server…


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@nbkhwjm What are you using on the front end? Just a simple UHF rubber ducky? Does it have a filter or LNA? Is the antenna directly attached to the board, or are you running any length of cable between the antenna and board?

With that many in a small area, you can even provide MLAT service.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

They cover essentially 4 counties, so out of reliable range to hear aircraft directly from a single location, given the rolling hills here and antennas only 20 to 30ft off the ground. They are then on the network of a company with locations all over the state I’m affiliated with. (It’s really just a toy at the moment)

The form factor (All in one sdr, Arm processor), power requirements made the DC perfect.

@Syed with most locations I’m running the flight aware antenna, with about 10ft of cable. One site is a discone, the other a small ground plane. The cable is the same type as your little pigtail you provide. (Sorry, cant remember exact rg number, I’m standing in line to see santa ATM). They seem to be very stable. They are in the box taped to the rafters in most case with an extension cord for the PS…

@nbkhwjm How important is it for the antenna to be outside? Does it drastically impact the number of messages received?

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Obviously the roof and building materials play a huge role. The second is height above ground. In my case the buildings are metal with metal roofs reception is near zero. In my house its a wood roof and i do notice a difference between outside and inside. Now granted it could be from local elec noise inside the house so ymmv.


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Having the Antenna outside the house makes a huge difference even at the same height.

I got about 20% more Messages when I moved my Antenna from inside at the attic window to outside (right next to same window).

Signals at 1090mhz doesen’t like to travel through anything at all :slight_smile:

I use: DIY GP/Spider Antenna (costs around 2€) -> 5m cable (CFD200) -> Flightaware Pro Stick Plus ->RPi3 :sunglasses: