Dreamcatcher 3.0 Satellite for Europe


Any idea what satellites will the DreamCather 3 use in Europe ?


This has not yet been decided.

I have read that service might be available for Europe, Belgium? Is there service? I have been waiting to purchase the latest version for the 3 Years.

Yes, we are currently working through some details with the satellite operator. It will be within the next two months. Likely sooner.


Will the beam also cover Romania ?

It will be on the edge of coverage; very low elevation and the signal may be a little weak.

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Silly me. It looks like the signal strength should be fine.

The homepage for othernet now only has this satellite. Is North America coverage still planned to continue ?

Yes, this is in addition to SES-2 for North American coverage.

May we know the name and position of this new birdie? Or is it too early to reveal.

Nothing top secret, though it hasn’t been finalized yet. It’s SES-4 located at 22W.

I’m interested again! Nice to catch North Africa too…

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Well this is exciting. Good luck Othernet on your invasion of Europe!!!

Can we order for Europe?

Hello everybody!

Would be able the “Dreamcatcher 3” to works in Moscow 55.7558° N, 37.6173° E?


Yes it would - - here’s the footprint


That said, keep in mind the Othernet engineers are addressing signal problems on this satellite feed. It should be fixed soon. Syed @Syed will let you know when it is up again, and provide you with ordering details. Ken

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Thank you for your answer.
But I have one more.
Is this “Inmarsat-4A F4”?

Missed that one - -sorry. Othernet is on SES-4 at 22 degrees West.

Here’s a better picture of their Europe Middle East Ku band coverage from https://www.ses.com/our-coverage/satellites/325 Ken


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Is there a start date for Europe yet?

Also can I order a Dreamcatcher to the UK? The dropdown only allows US/ Canada/ Iceland