Dreamcatcher 4 Emulator - Try the UI online

For anyone that would like to have a look at the new UI of the new Dremacatcher 4 i created an emulator that runs on a Webserver. The Data on the Dashboard is emulated, but the File Browser and File Viewer are working as they would on real hardware. The Settings Modals also open, of course they will not change anything.

Give it a try on your Phone, PC or Notebook and see how it looks on different Devices .)

Take a look on my Server: https://dc4.tynet.eu/
Github Repo: https://github.com/Tysonpower/DC4-emulator


tnx a lot, very nice gui, indeed.
everythings in one screen.
Waiting to get one asap.

Could you add the currently downloading file name and % complete to the Receiver Stats ?

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That Info was already requested by me, so far the Info is not avaliable at the backend so there is nothing to Display in the UI :slight_smile:
When the Data is avaliable i will add it to the Dashboard of course.

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This presents very nicely, Manuel. What does the login screen look like?

So far there is no Login Screen planned as far as i know.

@Syed Are there any Plans for a User System?

My question is based upon concerns as to who can access or tamper with my system’s tuner if I make the unit available online, such as Ken, Wolfgang, and I have done.

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loving this, very sweet user interface

I wish to follow the progress of this user interface and the development.
VE3SP-com / Andre :canada:

I think for making this publically available you have to disable a few routes in the UI. This can either be done by a reverse proxy or in the source code via a switch.

Is there a way you can store the data on an external webserver instead of having everyone directly access the Dreamcatcher?

Very nice! Like it a lot :slight_smile:

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so far that is not a feature, but it would be nice to have i think.

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