Dreamcatcher 5

Count me in too. Ken

sounds good count me in if i can get my hands on one

I’d certainly be up for a DC5 kit once they’re available!

WANTED TO BUY! I would buy now if I could. My old setup is not currently working.

Ha. This didn’t actually go the way I intended for it to. I assumed this thread would be for people wanting to buy/sell there old Dreamcatcher 3.05, for those that didn’t want to wait. But no biggie, it’s nice to see the interest in the new kit.


Hey all,
I’m new to Othernet, never heard of any of it before tonight… And you wouldn’t believe the rabbit hole that actually brought me here lol.

But yeah, this all sounds pretty awesome. Definitely interested in Dreamcatcher 5, if anyone has a 3.03-3.05 they could sell in the meantime, I Wanted To Buy! :stuck_out_tongue:


Does the pcb placement still allow for a standard 40mm lnbf bracket ?

i think the image with the pcb on the LNB is only to show the size of the board in comparision to the LNB :slight_smile:

And here I thought the DC4 Protoype was small… :slight_smile:

Been awhile since I dropped in to see how things are going. Glad to see the project is still kicking. Maybe next time I swing by the new hardware will readily available and I can go another round. Good Luck!

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Any news on the new hardware?

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Any progress on the development of DC5?

Progress is slow. Here is the latest schematic. There are a couple of serious flaws in it, but those have been corrected (a misplaced resistor off of the USB-C and the lack of 3.3V going to VBAT_RF).

We think the source of the problems is related to the TCXO. That’s getting swapped out pretty soon. The LoRa device is responding to the ESP32, but we aren’t able to receive with it. This isn’t a show stopper. It’s just time and work to solve the problem.


Great to hear, have been following this project for a while. Please keep up the great work and thank you!

I forgot to update this thread! The problem was completely related to a poor quality TCXO. An Epson TCXO was swapped out and everything works as it should. Now time to update some software and wait for the new leases to get signed.

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That’s awesome to hear a swap was the fix! Any idea how this may impact production? Eager to test out a unit when available.

Is the new LR1110 Chip compatible with the modulation parameters used on the SX1280? Data sheet says it caps below 1 GHz and is compatible with SX126x and SX127x only. And what are the consequences for existing Dremcatchers?

The LR1110 is a very capable device. Although the datasheet shows that it’s limited to sub-GHz operations, it easily receives up to 1700 MHz. The radio parameters are different from the SX1280, but there is a new version of the LR1110 that should support all radio parameters used by any LoRa device. The only downside is that the new version is not available until June.

I’m kind of torn right now. I could begin producing the SX1280-version of the new ESP32-based Dreamcatchers, but that ends up being another product to support in the future. The upside is that it does bring in revenue to support the ongoing costs of the broadcast; at this point, the broadcast has been subsidized by completely unrelated revenue sources.


The design looks very simple and sleek, and it ditches the need for an additional LFO and amplifier. Would that also eliminate the need for a programmable (Unicable) LNB Frontend and could continue with the established bullseye LNB?

Chip availability is a problem in all areas right now, the decision is not an easy one, but the support for one less board is a good point.