Dreamcatcher $99

This should only require a Technical Class license in the US. Ken

Hello how can these be purchased

Power question for the new board.

Any thoughts or comments on what to look for in a power supply. I assume the type C port will be feeding the power to the board. I would like to get one with a power cord of at least 6ft or perhaps 10ft. Enough to get from an outlet to a window. I know Type C offers offers more power capacity and fast charging. I think their is new circuitry in the chargers or cables to implement fast charging.

@hobergenix Yes, the USB-C cable provides power to the board. Please be sure to use a USB-C cable that is capable of data transfer or syncing. This is required to reprogram/flash new firmware into the device.

Fast-charging shouldn’t really matter, as the Dreamcatcher draws much less than 2A at 5V. If I remember correctly, the current draw is right at 1A.

Thanks for clarifying power draw and other info on the type of cable.
I want to purchase one or two of these and be ready for when the new
board is released.


The boards have been assembled and are going through programming/testing tonight. I should have them in stock by the end of next week.


Where can I order or get that unit how strong a signal does it produce 20dbm or 30

This is not a transmitter, it doesn’t produce a signal at all.

Hello @Syed
It is already for sale?
Did me plan to buy it next month
Give internet like a satellite internet company