Dreamcatcher $99

This should only require a Technical Class license in the US. Ken

Hello how can these be purchased

Power question for the new board.

Any thoughts or comments on what to look for in a power supply. I assume the type C port will be feeding the power to the board. I would like to get one with a power cord of at least 6ft or perhaps 10ft. Enough to get from an outlet to a window. I know Type C offers offers more power capacity and fast charging. I think their is new circuitry in the chargers or cables to implement fast charging.

@hobergenix Yes, the USB-C cable provides power to the board. Please be sure to use a USB-C cable that is capable of data transfer or syncing. This is required to reprogram/flash new firmware into the device.

Fast-charging shouldn’t really matter, as the Dreamcatcher draws much less than 2A at 5V. If I remember correctly, the current draw is right at 1A.

Thanks for clarifying power draw and other info on the type of cable.
I want to purchase one or two of these and be ready for when the new
board is released.


The boards have been assembled and are going through programming/testing tonight. I should have them in stock by the end of next week.


Where can I order or get that unit how strong a signal does it produce 20dbm or 30

This is not a transmitter, it doesn’t produce a signal at all.

Hello @Syed
It is already for sale?
Did me plan to buy it next month
Give internet like a satellite internet company

@itchdesu This is definitely not satellite internet. Please do not purchase the Dreamcatcher, as you will be very sorely disappointed. This is simply a download service that is closer to radio broadcasting than anything else.

There were some issues related to the schematic of the current Dreamcatcher 2206. These can be corrected by soldering a wire, which will be done on all 100 units. These will be available at a substantial discount for any tinkerers that are interested. The schematic and firmware will be available on Github in a few days.

Hi Syed

Do you have an estimate on when the boards will go on sale and will the LNB or
other items be included?


This week for sure. The firmware does work, but there are some things that need changing. But to double-reiterate, this is only for people who want to get their hands dirty.

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Thanks for the info.
I will stay tuned!

This is the problem I am referring to. The white wire.

The wire is no isue in my opinion :slight_smile: you can hit me up with 2 units. I noticed you changed to ESP32-S3 and the board grew a bit in comparison to the earlier iterations. Will they shrink again to fit an extended LNB enclosure?


To refresh my memory, what will this new board do?
Just Features would be OK. And would the previous board which I have still work?

Don … W6RWN

It’s just an Othernet broadcast receiver. It doesn’t do anything different from Dreamcatcher 3.05. The components on the board are very different, as the CPU and PMIC on the 3.05 are no longer available. The 2206-board has an ESP32 wifi-microcontroller. Power consumption is about half of the 3.05, but so is processing power.

I was hoping to that a version of the Dreamcatcher that used a microcontroller would cost less than something that runs Linux. But crazy enough, that is just not the case.

Yes, we still have one more schematic change (due to the blue-wire) before we change the layout to a two-sided board. The goal of the two-sided board is to fit inside of an 40mm cylindrical housing.

We also need to verify one more schematic-variation, which is designed for hams, since it can leverage the LR1120 as a transmitter.

Less current draw would be a plus to run off a smaller solar panel. What would I notice with less processing power?

From the perspective of accessing content, you will hopefully not see any issues. But that still remains to be seen.