Dreamcatcher Availability to Buy

Yes, but I need to do further digging. I’ll PM you once I find something.

Syed, can you kindly share the satellite footprint image of Othernet? I would like to see the closest foot print to Sri Lanka.

At this time, we only have coverage in North America and Europe. We need either large customers or distributors for adding coverage to other parts of the world.

Interested in the newest model, but if the wait is too long, would settle for what’s available.

I was wondering if there are any leftover boards, this thread is a few months old so I understand if I missed the boat.

مهتم بأحدث طراز ، ولكن إذا كان الانتظار طويلاً ، فسيتم قبول ما هو متاح.
هل يوجد تغطيه في مصر

Hey Syed, I’ve been aware of the othernet project for years since when it popped on TC I think. I come once in a year here to check on progress - sort of a lurker here. I love the othernet concept.

We are also into mesh networks, and planning for cubesat iot stuff. I know how it feels when it comes to component shortage, had to scratch two designs of our SBC cos of NXP imx6 SoC’s, then when we shifted to Allwinner F1C, they became unobtanium too.

Were you able to solve your issues with the TPS65235?

If not, currently there are 100 in stock of TPS65235RUKR at lcsc. This seems to be a good alternative: TPS65233RTER of which there are more than 5k in stock.

If you are still facing issues with the 52 Mhz TCXO, feel free to use our clock/sig gen modules in your design - all you need is i2c to program the module at boot and ufl connectors where the XTALs are, you could replace two of your XTALs with 1 module. The circuitry was borrowed from our SBC design. We will probably do a crowdsupply campaign, but you wouldn’t have to wait for that.


@Cody Just ordered the PCBs and now waiting on components. I was hoping to find leftover used 3.05 radios, but they are nowhere to be found. Sorry @nanopartycool @wh6eps

@AMICA Isn’t a 2x redesign for unobtainable parts a real buzzkill? I just hate it when they happens…two or three times. The TPS65235 is supposedly in active production, but there is no way to pre/back-order them and there are no distributors for it. TI only sells them through email notifications on when they are available. This used to be a 60-cent part that was available by the hundreds of thousands.

Yes, the TPS65233 does work. It does require a slight layout/schematic change, but it works just fine and is in the Dreamcatcher that will start selling next month. After working out any issues in the Dreamcatcher 2208 design, I’ll probably just buy a bunch from Rochester Electronics.

The TCXO was recently just purchased (2000pcs of Epson), but thanks for the offer.

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Yeah I’ve also seen 3x prices. Damn corona, who would have thought that someone having a f* bat soup would cause such misery for all of us!

Also: https://www.iodparts.com/part/tps65235-1rukt
Also: TPS65235-1RUKT Texas Instruments-Allicdata Electronics

But somehow looks shady.

Wish you good luck man! Waiting for the dreamcatcher.

Ha, 3x is actually low. The TPS65235 (along with lots of other components) I usually see marked up by 10x. All of the places that say inquire for a quote are the ones that basically add a zero to the original price.

any new boards Built, Thanks

All the parts have arrived, including the PCB. They should get assembled tomorrow. And then it will be a few days for QC.

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My mistake. The LR1120 are still waiting to clear customs.

I should have the shipment on Monday. They should be ready for orders by Wednesday or so.

I wait

Shipment received!

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