Dreamcatcher Chat 0.2

An updated version of Dreamcatcher Chat is now available.

This is a substantial improvement over the previous version. The changes include:

  • web GUI (the interface is in a browser)
  • change radio parameters through the browser
  • quick command line installer

In the coming weeks there will be an Armbian image which has the chat application installed and running from the start. That will allow for turnkey usage of the program.

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I am looking forward to this update. I will be ordering a pair of Dreamcatchers (since at least two are needed to carry on a chat). Any thoughts of selling a package with antennas set for the authorized ISM based on country (for example 915Mhz in US).

I don’t want anyone to get into regulatory trouble.

that is Awesome! Looking forward to it, is it soemwhere available to install now?

@Tysonpower I’m a knucklehead. It’s in the original post now.

@ac8dg There will be a future version that will be a certified unlicensed transceiver.

I found this youtube,

edit… deleted comment

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That’s the old code being displayed in the video. Here is the new repo.

I found the old armbian image… if I remember… it fails if you do an apt update

Seems to work somewhat okay but i do have some Connection issues between the DC and Webbrowser. Installation was easy and worked fine what is a big plus.

PS: Connection could maybe have something to do with the TX? I use the included wifi dongle.

Yes, that is the bug that was referenced above.

Seem to be working, not quite turnkey. Would you consider adding a GUI desktop to the basic armbian (LXDE maybe) to make it more ‘generic user’ friendly? and a vnc server.

There isn’t much RAM on a Dreamcatcher, but it’s definitely worth considering. What’s the absolute lightest weight desktop environment?

jeah i think a real desktop is a bit much,a dding the web gui to the current web OS should be a better Idea.

For whatever reason the real guis are mostly a bit resource hungry.

A full desktop is really not needed. Here is the way I would use the ‘dreamcatcher’

  1. Act as a hotspot (so a tablet/phone can access)
  2. host a web configuration page
    a. for initial setup set for open access with some default userid
    b. set a custom hotspot name and password, or reset to factory
  3. for usage a web page
    a. the two existing pages (configure and chat session)
    b. a way to save the chat log and either transfer the log or send to a printer.

The image should solve this problem. It will start the chat program automatically so that only the web page needs to be accessed–no need for the command (unless something goes wrong, which it will for awhile).

FYI, the dreamcatcher will run LXDE and tightvnc server , but very slowly…

But really not much needed if changes would be to boot as a hotspot. and if the hosted web pages to configure and use… no need for desktop… but ssh and armbian-config should remain… and maybe a shutdown/reboot button on the webpage

I’ll add these feature requests on Github.

I ordered some accessories to make this work on 915MHz

  • I am always trying something new !!

Antennas (2)

coax adapter N-male to sma-f, sma-m to F-f


Is there any way to not need 2 Dreamcatchers? Like build common features into one board.

I’m not sure I understand the question. The purpose of the chat is to communicate over distances that wifi can’t.