Dreamcatcher Display Not Working

When I first received my Dreamcatcher, the display was nonfunctional; only the backlight worked. Later the same day, after sitting in the sun for at most 30 minutes while I aligned the dish, the display started working, and continued to work for several weeks However, it has again stopped working, with only the backlight working. I am unsure of what steps to take to further figure out the problem; how should I proceed? The unit is still otherwise fully functional, and I can configure it via the web interface.

If it is broken, we can replace it. But before that, would you mind cleaning the contacts/pins on the display? Isopropyl alcohol is ideal. Surface oxidation seems to be the biggest issue with the displays.

Sounds like a plan; I’ll try it and report back with the results.

After cleaning the module’s contacts, it still did not work. I unclipped the panel from the module itself and re-installed it and it worked until I touched it. After a reboot, it worked again until I touched it. I found that touching it around the area where the ribbon cable connects it to the module causes it to go blank until a reboot. I think it could either be a LCD panel problem or a problem with the ribbon cable itself. It is very odd because it works after a reboot. Is it possible to repair a bad ribbon cable connection to the LCD panel itself if this turns out to be the problem? (This still doesn’t explain why it doesn’t work after a reboot, though…)

We would send a new display. Those cables are very delicate.

How would I get sent a new display? Is there warranty coverage for things like this?

Please send an email to [email protected]