Dreamcatcher initial setup with usb on Mac using SSH

I am trying to follow file for dreamcatcher setup.
I connect micro usb to Max USB and trying to use SSH to access Dreamcatcher.
I am note sure what address I should use.

Thank you

I figured out
1st connect to micro usb with data not power
2d i used win application

The IP is:
Are you using Skylark or Armbian?

Hi Syed,

Actually I first tried to use armbian, but I had an issue with home page skylark app.
I read wiki and realized for Skylark and active antenna I need to download another version.
Finally after I mount micro sd with right version it runs w/o any issues and any additional setup accessing http://my.outrenet.is/. I assume armbian I can use for other apps.


Not sure if it’s a typo on just this post but the url is wrong…

Http://my.outrenet.is/ should be http://my.outernet.is/

well http://my.outrenet.is/