Dreamcatcher Instruction Manual Discussion

The current online documentation for dreamcatcher is “adequate” to load the operating system. I can see from the forum questions there is a blend of expertise ranging from beginner to very advanced users. In order to setup the experimenter for success and reduce frustration I wonder if this community could also help build up a version 0.1 instruction manual? I am sure there are plenty of individuals who have the day 1 excitement of being an early adopter and wanting to get this up and running quickly. I was thinking the manual could be a living document and a comprehensive listing of the forum questions…pictures are very useful. I am not sure the best way to accomplish this (wiki, sharepoint site, youtube video, blend of other ideas, etc.).

Another approach is having a PC software utility that takes the mystery out of the individual steps to get the OS loaded onto the SD card so a manual is not even needed? Future request?

Maybe it is too early and or the forum is adequate for now?

Thoughts, comments?



The PC utility would be great. Setting up accounts, turning the thing on, testing it. No muss, no fuss.
Great Idea.