DREAMCATCHER mounting tip

Just a tip when munting the board … watch it the screws touch

Work around
Use plastic screws, or push locks aslso plastic

Normal screws don’t have such big heads, but I understand why they would get used. You can also use nylon or rubber washers, which can be found at most hardware stores.

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I used 100% nylon hardware… then I never even hafta think about it. It’s available at Ace / True value hardware stores… I use it alot in my EMI testing that I do as I don’t want the influence of additional metal.

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anyone find a Project box or something like that , that fits the dreamcatcher?

I was going to try amazon part number B0143YWC2W
Maybe both the dreamcatcher bolted to the inside bottom and
antenna with ground plane will somehow bolt to the inside top?

The pcb mounting holes are a little odd… ie … not symetric

I’m going to check that out… thanks