Dreamcatcher no longer boots up

It says “Please wait” and is at “3”. I can send a video but seating/reseating the memory doesn’t do anything. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do I need to re-program another memory stick?
I hate doing that…

This weekend my Dreamcatcher 3.03 also would not boot into my client network - - I tried this 15 times. I finally moved my micro SD card with Skylark 5.4 and my storage micro SD card into an old Dreamcatcher 3.02Q and it works fine on all reboots. I rebooted the 3.02Q 10 times all without failure to connect to my client network.

Have others seen this same problem? Ken

Just did a re-boot using the lcd, that worked,
did a shutdown from lcd, that worked,
pulled the power cable, and it restarted.

I did check the othernet status dashboard, most balloons are green.

It would be interesting if @Abhishek can check telemetry and see if everyone has
migrated over to version 5.4