Dreamcatcher on sale

The Dreamcatcher is on sale on outernet.is. Can we expect a new hardware platform or is this the end of outernet?

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Hmm yea… i’ve been very worried for some time… with the beams being down and all it really screamed “Lack of Funding”… I hope its not the case its a fun project…

And i’m just now doing the finishing touches to install Wolfenstein 3D on SkyLark…


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Im also wondering why they have the DreamCatcher on such a Sale.

Hope @Syed can give us more information about the future of the Project.

But i can say that the Dreamcatcher is an awesome piece of Hardware!


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Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

Yes, we could use some good news about the future of the project.

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It is very sad.

DC price drops.

99, 79, 59, 39
I hope not: 19, 0
Please Syed: DON’T GIVE UP !!!


We are definitely not giving up. Price drops are not a bad thing. It’s possible to make more money in absolute terms by reducing prices. What is important is yield, not per unit margin.

@Mads Yes, there will be new hardware coming out in the next couple of months.
@nbkhwjm We’ve never had the cash to properly do what we are doing, which has forced us to be very clever about our network and hardware. You’ll see more cleverness in the coming months.
@Tysonpower There will be a new version of the Dreamcatcher coming out in the coming months.


Thanks for the reply Syed :smiley:

I’m looking foward to get more informations about the new Dreamcatcher.
The current one is already great, so if it get’s even better it will be awesome!


Thanks for the update @Syed

That’s very good news indeed! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to check out the new version of the Dreamcatcher

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As motivational speakers say “Just Do It”. And we’re behind you 100%!

Thanks for the update @syed were all rooting for you and here to assist if needed… I’m up to 5 DC running various specific applications and just ordered 4 more… it’s a great platform.

There’s been some tough love, but if we didnt care we wouldn’t bother to push.

Looking forward to seeing whats coming…


Out of curiosity, if you could have one additional major feature on the DC (hardware related), what would it be?

@syed, I’ll put some thought to the Hardware question, from my perspective it does what I need well. The form factor is a big win as it makes packaging ARM+SDR projects nicely.

what i will say is that the device tree issue with Armbian needs to be resolved. (I acknowledge you specifically stated hardware related) It will become a major issue when we need to update / rebuild the kernel and can’t use the Armbian upline.

The Armbian team is open to the need and will assist, please do not ignore this issue, the public cannot solve this on our own without specifications or assistance from Outernet.


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i would have a lipo connector for a 3.7 volt connector so it can have its own backup battery

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I was not ordering partly due to the lack of obvious visible movement, and partly due to cost, but at this new price it’s silly not to get it, so thanks for the discount!

I’m looking at it more for emergency stuff (EMCOMM), so I appreciate the work that’s been done in that direction, particularly with the APRS feed as that allows 2 way satellite communication/broadcast as long as one has the proper ham radio license and equipment. Also very interested in the weather stuff.

I look forward to your next release, and I’ll give feedback when I set up my dreamcatcher.

Thanks again!


the lipo connector is removed purposefully… unfortunately the AXP209 PMIC IC is not stable long term when that option is used, we first learned that from the CHIP computers.

Using from only the 5V USB source is rock stable so this is why the bogus lipo option is eliminated.

For uninterrupted use the recommended is a UPS capable USB power bank. Not easy to find a proper one, but for example ADSB guys recommended once the EasyAcc brand: "EasyAcc PB20000MS"

Mesh networking. Looks like Serval may be interested: http://developer.servalproject.org/dokuwiki/doku.php#outernet_dreamcatcher

Wired networking and if possible even with PoE, that would be perfect, no power cables and no unnecessary WiFi.



I’m using exactly like that, USB 2 Ethernet dongle and PoE injector + splitter to reach on the roof my setup.

It comes to mind that making the Dreamcatcher data storage micro sd slot work would be a beneficial addition. Extra files now require the use of a USB Flash Drive plugged into the side of the Dreamcatcher. Ken


ESP-8266 is basically a solar powered WiFi to LoRa relay. It sits in your window or on your roof with a semi-directional high gain WiFi antenna pointed into your building and a solar panel pointing up/away from the building. You connect to the WiFi hotspot and it pops up a web app with a twitter-like interface. Send a message using the web app and it propagates across the entire network, hopping from node to node using the LoRa long range transceiver. The nodes need no cables nor any app installation and will operate as long as there is enough sun to carry them through the night.