Dreamcatcher setup for beginners

Ok, so want to bring the outernet device to under developed countries an leave it for them to use.

I have burned sd cards before but when i read then instructions there are some unknowns like. There was mention on installing the operating system card. There was mention about adding more memory to the board. Power supply by usb. I happen to use a raspberry pi an they talk about using a more powerful usb but no one talks about that here.

My main question is has anyone written a detailed how to set this up or better yet a youtube would be da best. I want a setup for dummies book or youtube tnx

Hi Charles,

You find the Armbian (so far this available for Dreamcatcher) image installation here:

Some more guides:

These are very good guides. Thanks for doing this. I will definitely be doing the WSPR one tomorrow on my Armbian Orange Pi PC2

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thanks for the links.
But I still am LOST.
the dreamcatchaer user manual isnt much of a manual it seems to be incomplete

and wide band rtlsdr spectrum analyzer with long term waterfall monitoring on Dreamcatcher:

Howto here

Thanks :slight_smile:

We definitely want to spreadspectrum the word :smile:

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Really good stuff, It took long time to compile after I added a few extra libraries… but I got the following after the pip3: successful - numby, simplesoapy, simplespectral then was able to start qspectrumanalyzer (version 2.1.0). I think I am still missing something in the rtl-sdr. I installed rtl-sdr but when I do rtl-test -t (per the referenced ranous.files… quickstart…) I am nowhere.

try this from the PDF:
"rtl_power_fftw --version

If all has gone well you should see:
rtl_power_fftw version: 1.0-beta2"

Got it … Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner.
Question: I read the default is antenna port lna-bypass, Is there some instruction to shift to the other “lna_in” port?


Thanks for all the help, here is what I have accomplished…

How to add user outernet as an automatic login
on the serial usb-otg micro connection

you need to edit the info that systemd using by the [email protected]

(verify that if “systemctl status [email protected]” shows it is active.)

What to change:

Create an override file for the service to start the agetty with --autologin outernet

  1. Create the directory /etc/systemd/system/[email protected]
    use the mkdir command

  2. Create a file called override.conf in the new directory with the following:
    use any editor like sudo nano

    ExecStart=-/sbin/agetty --autologin outernet %I $TERM

Then reload systemd and check that the new configuration is in place:

  1.  sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl cat [email protected] | grep Exec

The last line should show the ExecStart changes that were made

I have lxde and vnc installed per the previous posts instructions, so now my next task is to get tightvncserver to autostart so I can run headless easier.

Howto: Install OpenWebRX on Dreamcatcher