Dreamcatcher, Skylark No login page, WiFi Client mode

I have a Dreamcatcher V2.03 board, 32 GB SD Flash with Skylark skylark-dc-1710101557.img burned on to it. I initially got it to boot, saw the Outernet SSID, opened a browser with myouternet.is, saw the outernet splash page. Then, I changed a few parameters on the Radio so that I would be able to listen to Inmarsat 4F3. I changed the unit from being a hotspot to being a client on my WiFi.

Then I expected to go to myouternet.is while connected to my regular WiFi connection.

I get the following error message.
Your receiver doesn’t seem to have reported in. Err: null

I suspect that I might have an error in the SSID or password for my WiFi access point.

Please advise.

Reflash the sd card?

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Yes, I reflashed the SD card. Same problem.

I’m trying to see if the board has an open USB-serial port.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Try this - - before you reflash the sd card, clean it with Rufus 2.17 to really clean and format the card.

Several of us have found residual data on the sd card even after a normal reformat. Seems as though some of the Skylark operating system partitions don’t get wiped during normal formatting operations. Ken

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