Dreamcatcher so far - Really like it!

Nice to have Skylark working out of the box on Dreamcatcher! Very straightforward.

Thanks also to Chris @nbkhwjm http://radionerds.com/index.php/DreamCatcher, @Syed, @Abhishek

Shout out to @Hersh for nice RTL-SDR goodies script. It hung a few times, unsure why…

Now comparing original patch with on-board LNA and active antennas. Estimating ~ 2-3 db difference favoring patch. At my location, all signals > 10 db, so quick lock on signal with either antenna. Here, the CHIP, RTL-SDR, LNA, patch antenna are ~ 14 db. The Dreamcatcher, active antenna give about 12 db. Very good either way. YMMV.

Wish list -

additional documentation on Dreamcatcher, i.e., a schematic, pinouts, etc.
for v. 2.04, add the header back for a CHIP like battery connection to free up USB pwr port
see a board and specs sent to Armbian so they can help support this device

Using Armbian Jessie, I’ve been able to get it working headless using serial and SSH. Also have it running Stretch (with apt-get holds as noted by others).

What I’d really like is a GUI interface. I’ve been able to get vncserver, xrdc and xfonts installed, but have not been able to connect to the Dreamcatcher desktop. Has anyone been able to do this??

Maybe USB to HDMI adapter, Debian driver for same, add a bluetooth dongle, and voila!

Have fun all

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