Dreamcatcher turning off on boot-up

I had my Dreamcatcher for awhile and all of the sudden. It turns off on boot-up. It goes though 3 2 1 thing but on ready it turns off. Can someone please help me.

I had something like that happen to me too. I re wrote the Skylark 5.5 image, and it fixed it. Try that. Ken

I did try that. But no luck.

it seems like it is when the bias tee tries to come up it just turns off. the LNB on light comes on that is when it turns off.

sounds like a power supply issue. As soon as either the wifi usb or lnb powers … there seems to need for more power…

May be a simple fix… or if you think it is the bias t… try it witout an antenna coax attached … just to if it boots.
then check diagnostic screen. it shows bias t current and voltages

definitely a power supply issue. you should replace the power supply.

I tried different power supply’s. No luck

I tried with out the wifi adapter. Also tried Without the LNB

also try replacing the usb power cable.

okay will do now

It worked. Thank you!