Dreamcatcher usb driver for windows?

Instructions say I can access via USB using PuTTY. On Linux there should be a “ttyACM0” device.
On Windows (10 in my case) all you see is “unknown device” with a USB hub and port.
It seems to me a driver is required - is there one? or a workaround?

and - if I have to use serial UART connection, what are the serial port parameters (bit rate, etc)?

to answer my own question it seems like 115200,8,1 n

Hi Ken,
Ok goto your device manager (on win10) and plug in the dreamcatcher.
in the device manager goto the (com ports) “unknown device” Right Click on it, and goto properites
select drivers. then update it, Select update Manually/ let me pick a driver. select Microsoft, then USBtoSerial.

Let me know if that helps

Thanks. It took some fiddling, but I eventually found the Raspberry PI USB to Serial driver I already had on there and that worked. Perhaps the Microsoft one would work too.

It helps if you have the Windows “show compatible” check box selected - that way it quickly sorts through everything you have on your system and narrows it down to things that should work,

Looking forward to some outernet-specific software!

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