Dreamcatcher V2.03 kit

Just received Dreamcatcher 2.03, active patch antenna, short SMA cable, and 4 GB micro SD card. I have received Outernet data for many months with RPi, SDR, LNA, non-active patch antenna. Decided to upgrade. Where do I start? Seems I see lots of places to start. Some easy to follow, some not, some not updated, etc. Today is Oct 1. Again, I want to get off to a good start.

G’day Donde!
in my experience, as a total novice, I must say that t’s all plug-n-play… all my initial problems had nothing to do with hardware and the software, with the exception of the short SMA antenna coax which I replaced with a home-made 70cm long one. Apparently the DC board and the antenna need a bit of separation.
Need a decent 5volt supply, connected to the USB_PWR micro-USB socket.
Skylark boots straight from the 4GB SD image on power up. You should have received the active antenna image, AKA “bypass”.
The hotspot (ssid = outernet) is created automatically, you connect to it on your device’s network (I use a netbook with Win7 on it, but also used the iMac and Linux laptop) and use URL in your browser. Login with user: outernet and pw: outernet…
You are like to already have a working system so you will know what to expect as far as SNR and DSSI values

oops, clicked SEND by mistake… I was about to correct “You are like…” with “You are LUCKY…” at the end.
Hope this helps.

The 4GB SD contains these files,

boot.scr 320 bytes unknown 06/23/2017
shylark-dc-1706222246.ksop 48.2 MB shell script 06/23/2017
sun5i-a13-dreamcatcher.dtb 23.3 kB unknown 06/23/2017
zImage 4.1MB unknown 06/23/2017

Inserted micro SD into into OS micro SD connector
Connected active antenna to SMA nearest LEDs
Cabled Windows 10 PC Laptop from USB to Dreamcatcher Power USB connector. Unplugged at PC right now.
Wi-Fi dongle already plugged in
Turned on PC. Booting
See PC Wi-Fi connected to router. All Normal
After booting completed, plugged USB cable from Dreamcatcher board Board booting, LEDs flashing
I open Wi-Fi list on PC
After a minute or less, I see Outernet and Connecting , then No Internet, Open
Normal wi-fi disconnects, and shows Saved
Open Internet Explorer and see Username and guest in it
Password has 5 stars
I put outernet in Username and in Password
Click on login
I see Splash screen for Skylark 4.4
At top left is a little square. I click on it
I see whole bunch of icons across top. Splash screen now greyed out.

I’m not sure what to do next.

…sounds like you got 99% there.! can’t offer much re your last step, only that I’m using Firefox on the Win7 netbook and Chrome on the Mac… never tried/used IE, sorry…
someone else with a similar/same situation out there??

OK, I finally see said the the blind man. Clicked on Tuner of Skylark program, and then on Status. SNR is about 1, for the patch antenna is looking at the floor! Think I can go on from here. Thanks Imantuno for replying. Maybe the step by step I did could help others. We surely need a real tutorial someday.