Dreamcatcher v2.03

What can I use the Dreamcatcher v2.03 for now that the L Band service is discontinued. I will not be buying a Ku version as Outernet team is likely to close that service and start up a Ka or S band service just to sell more hardware. Why not perfect one thing before moving the goal posts yet again. And I don’t need to hear how “well i have this hanging on the wall next to my blah blah blah and I learned blah blah blah.” I bought the L Band for use on my boat and not everyone can afford to drop a couple of grand on a mobile Ku antena, as has been suggested in these forums.

OK … you did not read the forum to understand the move. The long and short of it is that the one L-Band provider Inmarsat was charging a fortune to carry the service and there were no other alternatives.

I understand you also don’t want to hear my “Bla-bla-bla”. It’s just my opinion. I guess you missed my point entirely. It’s fine. Many people don’t get me. Nothing new.

Yes, you can spend money. But you don’t want to. You don’t want to contribute or be part of the project. You just expect an appliance to be given to you for free. What can I say?

Go buy a shortwave radio. They’re turning off more and more shortwave broadcasters because no one listens.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


The issue is I did spend money and got screwed, I asked the question of what can I use the DC v2.03 for now the L Band service is gone, and the only answer I get from you is basically " suck it up and give them more money" I and I am sure others would have been prepared to pay a small monthly fee for data via Inmarsat, but this was not even offered. I am a boat owner and the L Band system worked perfectly offshore for me. Now they have switched to Ku, even with a new DC V3, I will not be able to use it offshore. All Ku satellite footprints barely cover coastal reception, offshore forget about it. I am based in Australia, so even if I was able to purchase a DC V3 right now it would currently be as useful as a tissue paper raincoat.

and finally, where did I ever say that I wanted an appliance given to me for free. Your constant rambling and cheerleading is quite nauseating.

The situation sucks. No billionaire stepped forward to pay for air time on the Inmarsat satellites. You want something. It’s not possible anymore.

Again, had you read the forum, you would have seen this thread that I started.

But you poo-poo everything I write about. And, you can’t even do your own research. You want other people to do it for you. Go figure. There are tons of articles and YouTubes out there. Did you contribute? No.

FYI. I don’t care for your whining either. I got news for you, mate. You are nauseating.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

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I noticed how you dodged all my concerns about Ku reception and all I was responding to were your insults eg.

Yes, you can spend money. But you don’t want to,

You just expect an appliance to be given to you for free.

Go buy a shortwave radio.

If this is your attitude, why would anyone want to invest not only money but time.


I may be hitting a nerve. You NEVER read the forum. I posted a whole thread to answer your question. You still insult me.

$100 bucks? You burn that much in one afternoon on your boat. Go away. Go troll someone else.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

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G’day K_R !
I wouldn’t normally dream to comment nor getting involved in this kind of exchanges but, being an Australian (resident and soon going for full citizenship) and a sailor, I feel a bit of national shame for our “mate’s” attitude…
I, like most of us, appreciate very much all the great work you’ve been doing for the community…
Luigi M

P.S. I don’t have a wall where to hang past IT mementos but I do keep mine on a couple of shelves in my cave, among others an Apple IIc, a PDP11-05 and of course the DC 2.03…

G’day Luigi,
Well thanks for your encouragement. Although I learned how to sail from my economics professor while in college, I passed-up my opportunity to own my very own money-pit.

My micro-shack is 3 feet wide, about 2 1/2 feet deep and 8 ft tall. There’s no room for treasures like an Apple II and a PDP-11. Just power supplies, signal generators, oscilloscope, some VHF/UHF radios, a frequency counter, dummy loads, power meters, and room for a spectrum analyzer that’s still on my wish list. I also have a small collection of software defined radios.

As a first generation American, I still have a lot of my German upbringing from my parents. All of my cousins still live in Germany. Germans (if I can fairly stereotype) have little problem in telling you the way they feel things are. They tend not to sugar coat anything. They will tell it to you either straight, or with a very obvious dose of sarcasm. We generally don’t hold grudges. As a result, I don’t see these simple straight-forward opinions as being insults at all. I generally don’t sugar-coat anything.

@ozmanic Seriously, these suggestions were not meant to be thinly veiled insults, they were very straight-forward suggestions. This morning, I completed an entire FAQ on what I understand about rain fade. I’m not going on an apology tour for his lack of participation.

@lmantuno thanks again for your understanding.

–Konrad, WA4OSH