Dreamcatcher v3.02: Feedback Thread

This thread is for all of the recent orders for the pre-production units of Dreamcatcher 3. Let’s keep general feedback, questions, and comments all in one place (right here).

@Syed Got the package (I guess this shipment?).

It has a battery holder and pcb voltage board? What do with them?

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The battery holder and PCB-charger are freebies. It really has nothing to do with Dreamcatcher 3 (although there is a little space in the top-left corner to place the charger.

You can use an 18650 Li-ion battery in the holder and the charger will be happy with that. We’ve gotten hours and hours of runtime with a 5000 mAh single cell 18650.

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uhh @Syed is there any reason why i got 2 when i payed for 1? saw your email which ones do you want and do you want the freebees too also check your email

Interesting just got my board I have everything setup yet when I go into the tuner app and I go to status it is showing completely blank for me?

Mistake on our part. I’ll send you a return-shipping label in a bit.

@Solocircuit Are you viewing with a phone? If so, can you expand the app so it is larger? Or flip your phone to landscape?

The battery holder and charger is a free gift.

Yes I am viewing on a phone I will try it with my laptop and see

@syed it shows blank on my laptop too will try another sd card to see if that is the issue

I on my third sd card image burn… The first cheapy - failed, The second get the “outernet” almost ready 3,2,1 then ready on the qvga, but no wifi. and if plug into the otg it is not recognized so I can’t putty to.

I update with the third sd card/image.

ok now to get it pointed

Either @karascanlin or myself manually tested each one of these. I’m surprised that an SD card is giving you problems.

does it matter which port the satellite is plugged into? maybe that has something to do with it?

Aha! Yes, you should be plugged into “LNB”

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alright I am rebooting with it plugged into lnb

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Power applied: red and green are solid on
led: busy on bright, usr1 and usr2 flash
after ~1 min screen is activated, front green status starts blinking
after 3,2,1 ready on the sceen. led’s as above:
after ~2min the front status changes from slow blink to on solid
then radio busy shifts from bright on to dim… maybe periodic flashes
the usr1 sd activity sometimes blinks,
the usr2 is flashing the heartbeat
the wifi adapter flash short and long periodically

unable to see the wifi signal, tried with several devices and a wifi-explorer app 2.4ghz --nothing
tried with a edup from my older v 2. board – no luck
unable to initial any com port using a good usb cables on either otg or pwr micro-usb

@ac8dg Can you try the other board you received? Are you using Linux or Windows? How many amps on your power supply?

The packet LED is what you should be watching. Point the LNB at a roughly 40-degree angle and towards 89W. Now twist the LNB to sync the polarization. The PKT LED will flash really quickly.

I only got the one by priority mail, that was tracked on the email. Maybe I’ll get the second later this week.

5v 2.5amp as used for the v2.03 power,
or using a usba to micro-usb when I tried it from a windows pc