Dreamcatcher v3.02: Feedback Thread


My flaw in my setup again is my pointng of my lnb… Time to get a ladder out again and clim up the side of the house where it’s mounted again…


If you are using a dish, I would suggest making a cone instead, as it will be much easier to point. There is a minimum SNR required for demodulation. After accounting for margin due to weather, there is no additional benefit to having better SNR.


Just as a side bar - - I’m working on a collapsible steel antenna designed after the Vermont Country Store’s stainless steel water mug pictured here


This cup is 2 3/4 " tall when extended which is too short given that an 8 x 2 x 4 " cone has worked out well for me, but this idea would allow me to attach the rings of the cup around the LNB, then pull the cup out over the LNB to form the cone. The whole assembly would pack up nicely.

There is a 240 mL size (marketed as large) which would be taller, and the other option is to craft one out of sheet metal (like the aluminum horns I made) making a series of hoops which slide over one another. Ken


Ha! This is one of the things I’ve also been reviewing in detail, but at a manufacturing level. It’s still a while away, if we do even choose this path. In the interim we may be offering horn extension that fits over the LNB that provides predictable gain and a very good fit.


Please add a mounting bracket to any solution proposed.


My setup is sill just a bair lnb so when I reaim it today I’ll see how it does and I’ll find out if I need a cone.


My workshop production pictures will follow :heart_eyes: Ken


Has anyone else experienced this goofy popup ad while connected to DC 3.02/Skylark 5.2?


I’m almost certain that is adware on your local machine.


Just wondering, however with all my malware tools, etc. how it could survive. It only shows up when I view a log file on the DC 3.02.


Nope! That’s all you.


yeah, its positively a browser- or OS-based adware. Theres literally no way the ad could be served out of skylark.


OK, thanks, guys.