Dreamcatcher v3.05 -- Pricing?

I am a noob that would like to get into Outernet.

In the two weeks since I first started looking at the Dreamcatcher, the price has gone from $49, to $59, up to $69 and now $99.

My question is: what is going on with the pricing of the Dreamcatcher ?

Can anyone shed any light on why the volatility.

Thanks in advance, Fred

$59 was the sale price we had for awhile. $99 is the regular price. It will likely not going down to $59 again, but there will definitely be limited-time price reductions from time to time.

Once we start selling it inside of the enclosure, I don’t think the price will ever drop below $99.

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This is still a good price, at $99. Adding a case to the deal definitely bumps the cost up quickly, depending on what needs to be added before the sales. Syed has kept prices fair in spite of production failures and re-makes, so I think we are all still getting a good deal.

Thanks to both for the info on pricing!