Dreamcatcher vs Kit?

can someone tell me what the difference between "the DIY kit and the Dreamcatcher?"
or point me in the right area

thanks for your Time

The DIY kit included the patch antenna, LNA, rtl-sdr, CHIP single board computer, and battery bank. This was replaced with the Dreamcatcher, which is the LNA, rtl-sdr, and CHIP integrated into a single board. This kit also comes with a ceramic active antenna. BTW you have a duplicate post.

ok thanks that makes now… thank you…
and yes i know, I cant seem to find the delete button yet.

The DIY Kit has not included the power pack and USB cable for a few months. But, yes, the old SDRx/CHIP kit has been replaced with Dreamcatcher and an active antenna.

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Any suggestions on how to access/download any firmware/software? I have been trying to get Skylark image or any other files and get “404 Not Found” messages every time!
Thank you!

Keith Just sent ya a PM with the Link to the software