Dreamcather v 2.03

Good day i have a question.

What whas in the time de protocal what whas use in the L band.
lora too ?
Is it then posseble to use the dc v2.03 with frequentie transformation to use again on the servers on ku band too ?
ore is the protocal changed and no go to look further.

thanks for aswer pd0mo 73,s

That was just a narrowband BPSK. The 2.03 does have an rtlsdr, do in theory you can run gr-lora to demodulate a LoRa signal. It would definitely be a project.

Not easy , so two big hills…first soft decoder and second frequentie change 1932mhz IF (lnb) :1932 mhz to lower lets say 1000mhz for the rtl dongle…

thank you for the answer syed ! :slight_smile:

Definitely not easy, but there might be simplification of one-stage by using the high band of the LNB, which gives you an LO of 10,600 MHz. That should bring the IF into the normal range of the RTL-SDR.

The RTL-SDR can theoretically decode/display LORA signals, but only if there’s a strong signal. The input circuit is not adapted to operating below the noise floor, like we require for satellite reception. I tried several times to get a meaningful decode, even after fine tuning frequency offset. The thing is just deaf, even if fed from a small satellite dish. I have yet to try with a bigger dish, but that’s not the point of othernet :wink: