Dreamchaser + Active Ant. accurate power consumption

Excited! My DC + Ant order is on its way!
Deciding what to power it with and for how long to receive the daily GRIBS…
So, I read widely the forums and so far my impression/understanding is around 1Amp-ish power consumption and 1MB of files equivalent to 30-60 minutes download time?
Could the H/W team be more accurate especially re the powr draw…?
Grazie, ciao

Hi, with a 5v cellphone charger and so 1A would be enough, is what I’m using with my Dreamcatcher and works very well.

Thanx Alessandro,
I have slightly diff requirements from yours.
my aim is to power the DreamC. from the boat’s 12V house battery bank. I’ll be using a small dc-dc down/buck converter to say 6-7 volts and feed a LM7805 type linear regulator to get the best ripple/noise free 5V power to the DC.
This setup should be relatively efficient and waste very little energy.
Furthermore, I intend to run the DC only once a day, for the required amount of time, to just download the weather GRIBS.
Bump… any OuterNet support guys able to comment?

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I hooked up a usb power meter, the dreamcatcher V 2.03 + active antenna operating connected to my local wifi: 5.09vdc 0.78 amps is peak, average 0.62 amps, Ambient air temp 71 F

Thanx heaps, that’s good news! lm