Dumbest question ever: where is the power button?

Can some kind soul point it out to me on that pic


It’s not dumb question, it’s quite small…


There is a tiny tiny button on CHIP next to pin header U13 that is used for turning CHIP on or off. If CHIP is off and connected to a power source, hold down the button for one second to power it up. To turn CHIP off (rather brutally), hold the button for 10 seconds. We recommend using the operating system to power CHIP off, but if you need to, you can use this button."


Thanks a lot. The chip is now powered and I have the outernet wifi link. :relaxed:

The pic in the manual is a bit misleading :wink:

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Thanks for noting this error!



i am not even sure how that indicator got to that position. Sorry. that must’v been frustrating.

I tried pointing that out in this thread

nobody seemed to notice.

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Note that the board layout has changed. I see pictures like the one in the manual all over
the place but I got a board like the one FL_Pytheas posted as well. Note the white connector
is in a different position as well.


note that theres a total of just three of us at Outernet. Obviously things fall thru.

The manual is on github in the hope that users will assist by submitting edits/pull requests when they spot a problem.