Easy with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

In the mail today I got the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B I order. Burn the rxos-rpi3-image-v3.1-201610302354+81529a1 with Win32DiskImager on a 64GB class 10 SD card. Plug in a USB 128GB flash drive in it.

I never powered it up till I went up in the attic to hook it up. My Odroid-C2 was still up there plug in working. But I could never get Outernet to work on it.

Plug in the Raspberry Pi 3 with every thing up in the attic and the LED light seem to be working good. Came sown and connected to it’s WiFi with my cell phone and saved the log in this time.

Went to it’s IP address and it works real good. Just have to wait till it downloads the data again with this new set up.

Got this screen shot of the webpage of it.

-Raymond Day

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Yep, works as advertised right out of the box.

I have to admit, I prefer the Librarian interface rather than the “pseudo desktop” interface on the beta.

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The desktop is definitely a work in progress. Give us a few weeks to improve the user experience.